The Camera Eye

In a post entitled The Outer Hebrides in Milouvision John Kirriemuir (aka Silversprite) points the way to a rather impressive collection of pictures of the Outer Hebrides.

I’ve been having a browse through these and other pictures by Milou and there are many other quite striking photos to be seen. Some of the most striking for me are four pictures of the Duomo and Campanile in Florence which can be seen here, here, here and here. They are part of a titled Adventures which you can see by clicking through to his site. There are many other impressive pictures in that collection but these are of note for me as they remind me very strongly of a visit my family and I made to Florence a few years ago – one of my favourite holiday locations to date and one that I very much want to return to.

Anyway, coming back to those pictures, the thing that really grabs me about them is the level of detail that has been captured. This detail gives real depth to those pictures that feature man-made structures whilst enhancing the sense of life portrayed in those that feature natural objects. Go check them out for yourself.


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