Self Obsessed

It’s sad I know but I couldn’t help but watch the performance of Paul McCartney’s ex on tv last night. My opinion of her has steadily worsened each time we’ve been subjected to her whinging over her divorce but last night she showed how money-obssessed she is as well as how utterly divorced she is from the real world.

You can read her comments outside the court yesterday here (if you have the stomach for it)  and more here. The part that really disgusted me is when she says:

Beatrice only gets £35,000 a year – so obviously she’s meant to travel B class while her father travels A class, but obviously I will pay for that.

It is right that their daughter should be provided for. But to complain about the fact that she only gets £35,000 per year! That is more per year than many families throughout the UK earn!

So frankly people like Heather Mills make me sick. She may be a charity campaigner and may well have done good things for those charities but, like so many other celebrities, she has her head so far up her butt that she has no concept of what real life is like.


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