This Charming Man

So President George W. Bush approves of torture as a means of obtaining information from…

Sorry, I’d better rephrase that. President George W. Bush approves of the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” by the CIA in order to obtain information for detainees. Isn’t he a lovely man? And wouldn’t you just like to see how he copes when subjected to the delights of water-boarding. Or perhaps he would prefer to be forced to stand naked in a cold room and doused with water. Or slapped in the stomach. Or kept awake for days on end. Or any one of the many other unpleasant techniques used by the US and justified as being required by their “war on terror”.

Obviously you need to obtain intelligence in order to prevent terror attacks, or to catch criminals but I’m sure that a country such as the US (and no doubt the UK too) should be able to gather intelligence in less barbaric fashion.

After all, what guarantee is there that someone will tell the truth under such duress. People will confess to anything if you abuse them for long enough. But then again, maybe all those women (and animals) really were witches.


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