Strictly Commercial

Is it just me or does the volume actually go up when the adverts come on during programmes on commercial tv stations?

Whilst watching tv last night I had the volume set to a comfortable level and could hear everything nice and clearly as I did a few odds and ends in our kitchen. Then the peace was shattered by the arrival of the commercial break. Some instantly forgettable advert came on but the volume of the music and voiceover suddenly blared from the speakers and I had to scramble for the remote.

It’s bad enough that we’re bombarded by the adverts masquerading as art without having to be deafened as well. Mind you maybe the advertisers are smart enough to realise that we all get up to put the kettle on, go to the toilet, pick up a paper, or whatever the moment the ads start and this is a desperate tactic to remind us that THE ADVERTS ARE ON NOW!


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