One Foot In Hell

I see from this post on boingboing that those cheery chaps in the Vatican have compiled a new list of seven social sins. I note that the accumulation of “excessive wealth” is one. For some reason I see the words foot, yourself, the, shoot, in, drifting before my eyes. Whilst you can’t deny that many churches, including the Catholic one, are very charitable they are also, well, more than a little wealthy. Some would dare to say excessively so! I certainly say so.

The Times Online reports that the Pope and co remain concerned about abortion and pedophiles. Abortion should remain a matter of choice for the woman concerned and as far as the Catholic clergy are concerned they should just keep their oars out. As to the other, well, if the Catholic church (and all the other churches) were really that concerned about it then they wouldn’t repeatedly close ranks and cover up the activities of those of their own who prey on children.

The Pope is also bothered that many are now living without god. Is it any wonder?

Inevitably, PZ Myers has his own take on this matter observing that “We’re all going to hell now“. That certainly seems to be what the Pope wants so we can all look forward to joining him there.

And finally, another social sin that has been identified is pollution. So I look forward to the following online advert:

For sale: Popemobile. Latest model. Bulletproof. One careful owner. Low mileage. 100 Euros or nearest offer.



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