Whole Lotta Love

PZ Myer’s has posted his thoughts on a picture entitled Rewards of an Atheist which can be found on deviantART.

I feel sorry for the artist whose narrow view places him squarely in the bleak box in which he believes that atheists belong. I’ve seen, learned and experienced more in the years since I left faith behind in the dead end it led me to and my life is richer as a result.

What is more, I don’t need “anything to grab onto and hold as a symbol of [my] identity.” I’m very comfortable with my identity and am happy to let it speak for itself rather than relying on symbolism or conforming to standards set by somebody else.

And as for that nonsense about atheists not being able to believe in love? Well, that is just nonsense. Love is not something you just believe in! Belief is tenuous and can be swept away in the face of experience and evidence. But love is something much more powerful and, unbeliever that I am, I feel it every time I see my wife and two daughters.


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