The Saga Of Seven Suns

Once upon a time, I was right into reading sprawling fantasy epics that encompassed a trilogy of more of books. It all started with the ubiquitous Lord Of The Rings, The Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant, Conan The Barbarian, and various others. I used to rip through these at a fair rate when I wasn’t reading horror, sci-fi and occasional thrillers and odds and ends of non-fiction/biography. Then came Robert Jordan’s interminable Wheel Of Time series – it just went on and on. And on.

I got as far as the 6th book in the series (Lord Of Chaos) and just couldn’t take it any more. For those that don’t know that’sjust half way around the Wheel, which consists of 12 books in all.

I haven’t read a fantasy novel since. Nor have I read anything that extends to more than 1 book.

Now, I find myself deeply engrossed in the third book of The Saga Of Seven Suns by Kevin J. Anderson. This series (7 books in all) is a space opera on a truly enormous scale. And despite numerous sub-plots, a galaxy of characters, and some startling twists and turns the story zips along sweeping you with it as you visit a plethora of new worlds. It really does make for very good reading which is kind of surprising given the circumstances in which I found myself reading the series.

A few years ago I received the second book in the series as a freebie from a book club of which I was a member. I hadn’t ordered anything from them for a while so I guess this was their way of encouraging me to buy. However their marketing ploy was something of a failure – now, if they’d sent my the first book in the series things might have been different. So, A Forest Of Stars sat on my book shelf for months. Then, as the result of another sales drive by the same book club, it was joined on the shelf by the third book in the series, Horizon Storms. I have now cancelled my membership of the book club!

Anyway, aware that these two books were on my shelf and having become curious about them, I kept an eye open for the first book in the series – Hidden Empire. I found it in a branch of Waterstones and a read of the blurb convinced me that it was the beginning of an interesting story. I bought it along with a couple of other SF novels (aren’t Book Tokens wonderful?) and now here I am, hooked.

If you enjoy speculative SF then this as a tale you’ll want to read and you should check out Kevin J. Anderson’s web site for more details. But be warned, even the paperback copies of the books are not pocket sized so it’s maybe better as a holiday read rather than for the daily commute.


2 thoughts on “The Saga Of Seven Suns

  1. I too served my time on several series, including LOTR of course, and Stephen Donaldson, and Tad Williams, and David Eddings. I baled out of the Wheel of Time after one book; you mentioned labouring through them before, and last time I was in Lewis I saw a wodge of them in a charity shop and thought of you. Like you I’ve grown wary, and weary, of series of books. The first David Eddings series – the Pawn of Prophecy and so on – is the only one I read more than once (others of his I’ve read didn’t match up).


    ps on a different topic entirely, you might have some advice on this. Looking for a way to catalogue my CDs, especially the Various Artists ones, to keep track of what I’ve got – I guess, appallingly, that may be something between twenty and thirty thousand tracks. Do you use, or know of, any dedicated or general database software that might do the job? (Unhelpfullly, of course, I’m on a Mac.)

  2. Hi Iain,

    Hope you find this reply and sorry for not posting it sooner. I’m not sure what the best solution for cataloguing CDs on a Mac is but CDFinder ( looks like a fairly decent choice. Not sure if there’s a free program you could get for the Mac but you could try browsing the likes of to see what is on offer there.

    As ever, thanks for commenting and take care,


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