Diary Of The Dead

I see that Romero’s latest zombie-fest, Diary Of The Dead, is about to be unleashed in UK cinemas. I’ve already watched the trailers and a few clips and as always it looks good.

I’ve been a fan of George A. Romero for a number of years and his zombie series is a particular favourite. Not becuase of the gore and guts but because of his knack for social commentary. Each of his zombie movies has mirrored some aspect of society at the time – notably American society – and each has been laced with splendid satire as well as some moments that you just have to laugh at.

One thing that I do agree with in connection with the zombie mythos is that, as Romero maintains, zombies shouldn’t run. I reckon that the shambling, staggering, shuffling yet unstoppable approach is much more unsettling than the full tilt run as depicted in the Dawn Of The Dead remake.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing Diary Of The Dead though I’l probably be waiting for its DVD release as I don’t think our local “cinema” will consider a zombie movie arty enough to show.


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