Army Of One

Here’s another take on the Prince Harry as a soldier situation.

The more that I think about the matter (despite my earlier sympathy) I’m now of the opinion that a hell of a lot of taxpayer’s money is being spent to allow him to play toy soldiers. As Marina Hyde puts it in her article:

The sheer number of man-hours and money lavished on allowing one young man to experience job satisfaction is mind-boggling.

And that is the truth of it. Setting aside the cost of training Prince Harry, money must have been spent on managing the vain attempt to keep the press quiet, on planning for Harry’s withdrawal when the press inevitably broke ranks, shipping him in and out safely, and goodness knows what else during this phase of his military “career”.

Why is it necessary to perpetuate the existence of a Royal Family which serves no real purpose? You can argue that they provide a much-loved public face and that all those appearances help the country’s standing on the world stage but I think that’s so much tosh. All the work is done by others behind the scenes – politicians, civil servants, other officials – the Royals just add an expensive veneer.

Surface without substance. Let’s just strip it all away!


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