Web Of Lies

What a tangled web we weave…

According to this article, former Western Isles NHS Health Board chairman and chief executive have been caught out telling pork-pies. I don’t think that will come as a suprise to anyone from the Western Isles. We knew for years that the two gentlemen concerned were being (and this is very generous) economical with the truth.

If you want details of their squirming you can read the transcript of “The 2006/07 audit of Western Isles Health Board” for yourself. Have a very strong cup of coffee, tea, or whisky whilst you read it, though.

You may want to count the number of occasions on which they say that they did not recollect matters on which they were quizzed.

Angus Nicolson invites you to Read & watch this and weep over on his blog today. And thanks go to him for drawing this latest piece of farce to our attention.

Hebrides News offers more on the duplicitous duo here.


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