Army Reserve

Life must really be a bitch if you’re Prince Harry. I’m not a great believer in keeping the UK a monarchy but I have sympathy for him over the fact that he is to be withdrawn from service in Afghanistan. The poor guy is trying to do a job and fulfil an ambition to serve his country as a soldier and the worlds media morons seem determined to screw things up for him.

Mind you, the military morons aren’t helping him much either. Did they really think that they could make a deal with the media morons to keep secret the fact that he was serving somewhere? That is just too juicy a story to keep in its can.

So now the guy can’t do what he wants to do because his status makes him a target and endangers the lives of those he is serving with. But then everyone with a shred of sense knew that this would be the case before he enlisted. So you have to ask, why let him enlist and spend the time and money training him to be something he will never be allowed to become?


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