Moab Is My Washpot

Reading an article in the Guardian Online about depression made me think about Moab Is My WashpotStephen Fry’s autobiography of his early days – which I read recently.

It’s a great read, packed with side-splitting anecodtes and chortle-some hijinks yet at the same time poignant, with a sprinkling of experiences where Fry bears his soul with a degree of honesty that I found painful and at times embarassing. It is definitely a volume for anyone’s recommended reading pile and not just for it’s humour, honesty, and craft. For as well as these things, it gives an insight into the bi-polar disorder and mania with which Stephen Fry has lived for most of his life.

My recommendation: read Moab Is My Washpot at your earliest convenience. You will be well rewarded for your time!


One thought on “Moab Is My Washpot

  1. Alex,

    coincidentally, I looked at it on the shelf last night as I was choosing some next reading, but too fat for my jacket pocket I think. It’s on my list, but my list just gets longer!

    I’ve beeen hoping that the remake of I Am Legend would mean the book, which I remember you recommending, would pop up on library or secondhand bookshelf, but I haven’t spotted it yet.


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