Seal Driver

Pardon that attrocious pun but at long last, the road equivalent tariff (RET) pilot for ferries sailing to and from the Western Isles has been announced. The fare is to be calculated (for car passengers) as 60p per mile plus £5 for the ticket.

Apparently, there are 42 nautical miles between Stornoway and Ullapool. After converting from nautical to land based miles you get a figure of 48.4 (after a little bit of rounding up). So it should now cost about £34 (rounding again) for the one way trip. If you’re a foot passenger it’ll cost you about £7 one way.

The last time I travelled that route with the car and family, it cost me over £200 (can’t remember the exact amount but it put me off repeating the journey – nevermind the rough sea that day). Under this pilot, it’ll cost about £110 which is a helluva lot more attractive!

Let’s hope that this helps stimulate a bit more traffic and a bit more growth for the islands! Especially if the hauliers manage to get a good deal for themselves.
You can find more figures and opinions on this here.


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