Do The Evolution

There is an interesting list of the top 15 misconceptions about evolution which I found my way to via Pharyngula. I recommend you read the list and then what PZ Myer’s says about a couple of entries on the list in order to get the best picture.

The list is very informative but some of the entires are very short – mind you, evolution is not a subject that lends itself to short. One thing that particularly struck me concerns the number 1 entry on the list – Teachers Should Teach Both Sides. This sounds like a great idea but then, as the entry says:

“There are tens of thousands of different religious views concerning creation. It is simply impossible for all of these views to be presented.”

Even if there were only a handful of different religious views about creation, you have to concede that they cannot all be right. On the other hand, science offers a single cohesive, well-tested and strongly evidenced theory that is so sound it is accepted as being right.

So you have to wonder which idea, religion or evolution, is actually misconceived?

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