Well, what a surprise. British Gas have announced an increase in their profits.

Is that any wonder when they hold so many people across the country to ransom and are basically just utterly greedy? It is time that their industry was shaken up to introduce more competition and to change the fact that these companies are both wholesaler and retailer for their products.

Now admittedly it would be difficult to do that as you’d need to encourage a pretty big player (or players) to enter the market. However would an alternative not be to encourage and assist people along the path towards their own renewable energy source? Give people the means to generate their own light and heat (without allowing thieving utility companies to penalise them for doing so) and you’d create competition. You’d also cut back on all those damaging emmissions from power plants that contribute to climate change. There would also be less wastage of the type caused by pumping gas or transmitting electricity over long distances.

There must be thousands (and thousands?) of people out there who would rather follow such a path than continue to line the pockets of self-serving, uncaring, greedy companies?


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