Wind On Wind

Having just read this post over on Angus Nicolson’s blog, I am again amazed (but not in the least surprised) at how incompetent and uninformed our so called members of parliament are. How the hell can people like Alasdair Allan and Angus McNeill, along with the rest of them, make a decision (either for or against) about something so significant when they clearly haven’t the slightest clue about any aspect of the local situation?

Their obvious lack of sense reminds me of how I am entirely unable to take one of their parliamentary colleagues seriously having once witnessed him perform a dying fly routine in front of a coffee machine which took his money but refused to deliver a hot drink in return. At the time it was amusing, now it’s something that is just alarming!

Isn’t it reassuring to know that such people have been elected to safeguard our country.


One other thing that strikes me is how many of Angus Nicolson’s commenters bang on about the value of the polls conducted locally on the subject of wind farms. I live in one of the areas most affected by the proposed wind farm. I have never been asked my opinion on this matter in any form of organised poll. The only poll that could have any value in determining public opinion would be a full and official referendum in which the residents of the affected areas could cast their vote anonymously and securely.


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