Where The Winds Blow

There’s a series of articles about the Lewis Wind Power wind farm proposal over on Hebrides News such as:

As ever, there are points made on both for and against the proposed development and some of the noises in the against camp are leading a germ of suspicion to form in my mind.

There is a swelling chorus that points out that if the Scottish Government decides against the proposal, one of the reasons for doing so is that they can still meet their targets for renewable energy by building wind farms elsewhere on the Scottish mainland. And there, as they say, is the rub.

I’m prepared to bet that once the LWP application has been rejected and the islands have been consigned to a slow economic death, a similarly sized wind farm will suddenly pop up somewhere else in Scotland. No doubt bringing wealth and cheap electricity to the area. I wonder which MSP’s constituency will be the one to benefit?


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