The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range

I’m not sure which collection of clowns I’m least impressed with.

Is it the Scottish National Tory Party, led by a man with so much courage that he threatens to resign if his party’s first budget is not passed when he must already have known he had secured the votes needed for it to be passed?

Or, is it the Lab-Lib-Lames, who all abstain from voting, thus ensuring a collossal margin of victory for their opponents?

The only answer is both of them. The Scottish Parliament is in the hands of a band of hooting monkeys and I’m now getting increasingly concerned about the damage they will inflict on Scotland in the coming years.

Kudos goes, albeit grudgingly, to the minority within the minority (Tories, Green and Independent) who have won some concessions from Salmond and company. That said my biggest source for concern is: what will the SNP concede to these others in the future as they limp through their term in office?

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