Hole In The Sky

Spent a little more time last evening working on Hubble. I had to focus the finder scope which, with it’s 6×30 power is bettere than most pairs of binoculars I’ve used. Then I had to align the finder scope with the telescope itself so that what I could see centred in the telescope’s field of view lay under the cross hairs of the finder scope. This took a few minutes to figure out as the finder scope sees things upside down…

Anyway, I used the blue door of a rundown house about a mile away as my target for aligning. I could see the door quite well with the finder scope, making out the faint form of an iron gate several feet in front of the door. In the telescope’s eyepiece I could make out the gate, rust spots on the gate and individual cracks in the paint of the blue door beyond. Impressive, I thought.

So, finder scope aligned, I sought another target and singled out a couple of indistinct white blobs on a slope about half a mile away. Through the finder scope it was clear they were sheep but they were still indistinct. Through Hubble however, I found myself looking straight at the rear end of a bloody great ram.

A crack of an altogether different kind…

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