A Light In The Black

My telescope still hasn’t come – boo hoo. But after chasing the retailer, who chased the supplier, who chased the telescope, that hadn’t arrived… It is now en route and I should get it on Monday.

And this seems like a good time to get a telescope. With darker nights and clearer skies as autumn and winter take control. I’m already seeing stacks more with the naked eye than I could just a week or two ago. Anyway, enough said on that.

I’m writing this post with the beta version of the new Blogger, having just migrated my blogs across – a process that only took a couple of minutes. The main difference seems to be that I am now linked with my Gmail account. This is pretty useful and will be even more so when my Writely account is also merged into my Gmail account. I like this idea of being able to get everything working together and Google seem to be doing a pretty good job of the linking. Unlike certain other developer$ that I could mention here!!!


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