What A Whinger!

One thing that I hate is 20-something footballers and other celebrities who “write” my-story-so-far books. They seldom have anything interesting to say, are clearly doing it for the money (as if they didn’t have enough) and usually just end up whinging about how they have been given a hard time by so-and-so.

As a case in point, I give you Ashley Cole. I haven’t read his book, nor will I. But you can glean an awful lot about what it will be like just from this BBC article.

Awww, widdle diddums. Would the nasty bad board not give you an extra £5,000 per week. Did they not make diddums feel special by taking him out to dinner and wooing him. Give me a fucking break! You were already earning £55,000. Per week! Twice as much as the average person earns in a year!!! Stop whining and get on with what you are being overpaid to do.

Though I have my doubts about how much of that you’ll get to do at Chelsea…


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