Today’s Funnies

Here are a couple of funny posts from Posted Notes:

Einbahnstrasse and two minutes silence, tesco style.

I have to say that since Iain got in touch to renew an ancient acquaintance, I’ve been enjoying his blog. I especially like reading his Maisie Updates – these have a particular resonance as I have a daughter who will be 3 in a couple of months and who does some very similar things.


One thought on “Today’s Funnies

  1. Thanks Alex, the enjoyment is mutual. The Maisie updates are really for the benefit of our families – my mother, in particular – since they don’t get to see the little changes, but also for my future benefit to help me remember what Maisie was like and up to at different stages. I hadn’t registered that one of yours was around the same age.

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