Change On A Small Scale

As a post script to my last rant…

I have not yet decided whether I am for or against the Wind Farm proposals for the Western Isles. I’m aware of the arguments for and against and can see value in both. At the moment, I perhaps tend more towards being in favour of the Wind Farms. However, I am increasingly interested in the idea of making small scale local changes akin to those espoused by the likes of Greenpeace.

This involves introducing local sources that generate power for small areas coupled with more efficient means of delivering power – a hell of a lot of energy is lost just by transmitting electricity. This is partly because of the distances over which electricity travels across the national grid to reach the consumer. So, reducing the transmission distance, helps reduce the waste and increases efficiency. Add to this the use of solar panels on houses and/or having your own turbine, undersoil heat exchange, etc., to meet at least part of your household energy needs and we could all be onto a winner. Further improvements can be made by making our homes better insulated and more energy efficient – no incandescant bulbs, no standby button on the tv, dvd player, etc.

I reckon that all these small changes, whilst possibly expensive in the short- to mid-term will add up to a much warmer and brighter future for us all!

2 thoughts on “Change On A Small Scale

  1. Silversprite,

    I’m not actually in Scarista but I spent a lot of time there as a kid on family holidays from Stornoway. I now live at the opposite end of the island towards Ness. I go back as often as I can. Like your blog btw – have visited quite a few of the places mentioned, including Berneray. Good to see a site or two promoting the islands!

    Most of the bloggers I know from hereabouts now live elsewhere though I keep a lookout for locals on the web.

    I’m going to add your blog to my links so I can drop by in the future.


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