Harry Redknapp – Who He?

The manager of a Premiership team who only just avoided relegation. And, he says that the Premiership is a million times better than the SPL? I wonder what colour the sky is on his world.

The Premiership is a better league. England has a larger population, more cities and towns in which football is played, so its being better is inevitable. But many of its teams are not. Celtic have demonstrated that in recent years by taking on the best and winning – in both the Champions League and UEFA Cup. Rangers haven’t done too badly either. Hearts are going to do pretty well next season too, I’m sure. When will we see Portsmouth reach these heights – not anytime soon.

That said, Portsmouth would clearly benefit from signing a player of Stan Petrov’s calibre. However, Stan Petrov would not. He belongs in a much better team – yes, perhaps even a better team than Celtic. Petrov would do well playing for the likes of Bayern, Real Madrid, Man. Utd., Arsenal, Chelsea even. But Portsmouth? Really? What would you prefer Champions League football, and the chance of further domestic triumph or…?


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