Ark-ive Three

Snapshot #1

A small village. Surrounded by farmland. The day wanes. Early stars above the sinking sun. Matching fire-fly flickers below – windows lit by lanterns within. Shadows pool.

Empty streets. Save a solitary lamplighter. He winds his way. Back and forth. Glowing lanterns mark his wake. The route towards the crossroads. The village centre.

Cooking smells. Fireside talk. The news of the day. Events. Rumours. Children’s tales.

To the North, the Forest. Dark already beneath the trees. Where shadowy things lurk. A wolf howls. The night’s chorus begins.

Westward lies the sea. Crescents of white scythe the shore. Making pebbles into sand. The tide rolls in. Seaweed stirs. Marine scavengers prowl.

South and West. Foothills become mountains. A pass cuts them in two. A city lies beyond. A sea of tiny lights. Or another island. In the ocean of a World.


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