World Cup Spoilers!

God, I hate the English commentators at the World Cup! The World Cup is great and I have enjoyed watching it since I was a boy. And for just as long, I have hated listening to English commentators. But now it’s getting worse. Somehow, they manage to reduce every game to a contest between English club sides.

For instance, I was watching the Ivory Coast play Argentina the other day and all of a sudden the commentator starts drivelling on about the great contest between Chelsea and Arsenal. He was referring to the fact that an Argentine player who plays for Chelsea had just gotten the better of a player whose club team is Arsenal, of course, but this kind of tosh just ruins the flow.

This is one of the reasons why I cannot bring myself to support England, or even to entertain the notion that they could win. They may have a pretty decent side this year, but if the statistics (so loved by the commentators and pundits) are right, England only do well if they do badly in their first game. With any luck, they’ll lose the next two and fail to make it to the knockout stages. But I suppose that not even that would shut the commentators up!!!!


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