Toad Rax?

I watched an interesting programme on tv last night. It was one of these traffic cop things and I actually learned some stuff from it. Stuff like how Traffic Police have the right to impound cars on the spot if the driver has no licence, insurance or road tax.

That’s good, I thought. Anyone who doesn’t have a licence or pay their dues is a toad with no right to drive.

Of course, that’s not the whole of it. The thing that I was really pleased to learn was that not only can they deprive these people of their cars there and then but the cops can have the car crushed!

The gadget freak in me was quite taken with one of the unmarked police cars and its onboard computer. The computer reads the licence plate of passing cars and flags up an alert if it spots a car that is in any way suspect. The police can then follow the car, stop it, and break the bad news to the driver.

Quite interesting, you might say.

Not so interesting as the fact that the unmarked car was a Skoda and that the traffic police using it said it was the best car you could have – and I do not have my tongue in cheek when I say that!?!?!

The gadget freak in me is not impressed with the new traffic monitors that have sprung up on some of the roads of my home island. They basically check your speed and flash a warning to slow down if you’re going to fast. I passed one of them at 30mph in a 30 zone today and it flashed at me. I presume someone will be coming round to replace the 30 zone signs with ones reading 29.999999999999999999999999999999999999999 any day now.

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