Better Browsing With Firefox And The Google Toolbar!

I have been using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer for a loooong time now and am convinced it is the faster, more secure, and better overall of the two. So, I have decided to promote Firefox as an alternative browser to those who have not yet tried it out.

When you switch to using Firefox, you get tabbed browsing, a pop-up blocker, various security and privacy features, and access to a wide range of extensions which greatly enhance what Firefox can do. Many of these are features which Internet Explorer does not have yet! And still you can start using them now – not in a hazy future where IE7 may or may not ship – if you download and install Firefox. As if that’s not enough, you can also download a wide range of themes that change the way the browser appears.

Click my new “Get Firefox with Google Toolbar” to enhance your browsing experience! Or not. The choice, as always, is yours!


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