(re)Making Connections

It was our 40th School Reunion last Friday night. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it because of illness and that is kind of a shame because it would have been good to see some familiar faces from times gone by and to find out how life has used people – and see if it met anyone’s expectations. Though I have to say that expectations are something I have tried to avoid for a long time after seeing too many of them stripped away.

Though I missed the reunion, I recently received an email from Iain who was in my close circle of friends in school. It was a very pleasant surprise to hear from him after a very long time and, from reading his blog, it seems he is leading a good life. One particular entry in his blog brought memories of people, places, and past times rushing back – read it here.

I remember that party in my back room very well, as I do several others in various other back (and front) rooms. I also still own the Jethro Tull albums mentioned and I rate both Aqualung and Broadsword as classics which both get spun on my CD deck and iPod regularly. As, does the entire catalogue of Genesis albums – I was really into them at school too, which I suspect was Douglas’s influence. It was certainly he who got me into Pink Floyd by giving me a copy of The Dark Side Of The Moon to listen to. I bought the LP myself very soon after that, following it with The Wall, and all the rest. And, just as Iain says, the music I listen to now is pretty much a reflection of those teenage years.

I also followed the Douglas link in Iain’s post and instantly recognised Douglas in the picture even though I haven’t seen him face to face for almost 20 years. That’s a number that shocks me, especially when I think of other friends I haven’t seen in just as long. So its good to make that connection, however tenuous. On which note I should add, that “Douglas, I hope you’re doing as well as the picture suggests. The grin I always thought of as cheeky is still there, so you must be!”

On which note, I hear the kettle calling.


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