CoffeeCup Ambassador

For a lot of years now, I have been using the CoffeeCup HTML Editor when building web sites. When I first started using it, it featured a code editor only albeit a pretty powerful one, along with various scripts and code snippets. Now, it has been expanded to include a WYSIWYG editor which makes it even easier to use as well as a wide range of other useful features.

I recently received an email from CoffeeCup, asking me to become an ambassador for their software. As I also use their Flash FireStarter product (and again have done for a long time), I figured it was only fair that I try and do a bit to promote their software. So, I signed up to their ambassador program. You can now find a button denoting as much in the sidebar of this blog. You’ll also find these on my Geoff Mann Tribute site.

Anyway, should you find yourself in need of an excellent HTML Editor, FTP Client, GIF Animator, Image Mapper, Stylesheet Maker, or Button Factory – amongst several others – you should check out what CoffeeCup have got to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

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