Slave To The Traffic Light

Wow, six posts in one day. That’s got to be a record for me. You’d never guess that I’ve been off work today and that my wife and eldest daughter are away leaving me with time to kill.

What has that got to do with traffic lights? I hear you cry.

Well, I’ve been listening to the incomparable Phish’s album “A Live One” and the track “Slave To The Traffic Light” was in full flow as I penned my last two posts. God, they are such a good band and I can’t believe that I only recently discovered as much!

My wife is under instruction to get me a copy of their “Live at Madison Square Garden, New Year’s Eve 1995” triple CD whilst she is away. I even gave her the money to pay for it :-}

Check them out if you haven’t done so already. They are one of the best improvisational live bands you’ll hear. Perhaps not as good as King Crimson but then, who is?!?


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