It’s A Mad, Mad World

I just got the latest edition of the Skeptic’s Dictionary Newsletter (issue 66). On reading it I was – actually, I can’t say I was surprised at all… What I can say is that I find it hard to believe their are people out there who believe that 9/11 was not the work of terrorists but was instead orchestrated by the Bush administration. These conspiracy theorists (a group which includes Charlie Sheen) think that Bush and his band of merry men planned and executed 9/11 as a means of justifying America’s wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

What complete and utter crap!

George Bush may be many things but I’m sure he is not crazy enough to kill several thousand American civilians just so he can go to war. If he was that crazy, I’m pretty sure he would have arranged to murder several thousand Europeans as a catalyst (either French, German, or whichever other country was giving him grief in the UN at the time) rather than wiping out his own countrymen.

But still, there are people who believe this. What the hell is the world coming to? At this rate, a very abrupt halt!!!

Check out what Charlie Sheen had to say here. And read what Robert Todd Carroll of Skepdic has to say in response here.


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