The Wellfare Slate?

I see there is a new falling out between Prime Minister and Chancellor over how UK pensions should be handled. There’s ongoing concern about meeting the pensions bill for an aging population of Brits who have made no, or very little, private pension provision.

To me, this further underlines the mess that is the UK’s wellfare state. For years, we have been paying tax and national insurance contributions that are supposed to contribute towards our National Health Service and State Pension. Now, we are being told that there is not enough money available to meet the costs of these as more people live longer. Yet, somehow, successive governments manage to find the money to keep wasters and scroungers living in the lap of luxury!

There are countless people in this country who don’t work and could, who are being given benefits, benefits, and more benefits but do nothing to contribute to their upkeep. Now whilst I am not entirely opposed to people being given a leg-up in the short term (after all everyone needs a bit of help from time to time) I am starting to resent contributing to the long term upkeep of people who could do more to help themselves. So perhapts it’s time for the whole system to be revised?

If those of us who work all our lives are being expected to finance our own pensions (and our own medical care in increasing numbers) then I reckon that the government is no longer entitled to take a national insurance contribution from our wages. Likewise, they shouldn’t be able to take so much in tax from our income. After all, those of us paying these duties are gaining less and less benefit from doing so. Instead, we’re being told we have to work longer and harder and watch money wasted on parliament buildings whose ceilings collapse and “national” stadia which run way over budget and schedule.

So, who really gives a toss about the fallout between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The real issue is sorting out the total shambles that is the United Kingdom’s Welfare Slate!


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