Rix Sacked By Hearts!?!

I’m really glad I don’t support Hearts. If I did, I would have hung myself by now or at the very least been put away for hanging the club’s chairman.

I find it hard to believe (though not surprising) that Graham Rix has been sacked. Especially for the reason stated – that results “were not what they should have been”. Okay, Hearts did get off to a flying start this season but they were never going to keep pace with Celtic. Hearts’ new players are good but they’re not that good. Rangers have closed the gap a bit but I still think Hearts will finish second. What’s more, they’re in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup and, with both Celtic and Rangers out of that competition, Hearts are favourites to win it.

If you look back over recent seasons, Hearts performance, and results, this season have been very good indeed. They have held their own against both sides of the Old Firm this year, and have even managed the odd win against them. Something they haven’t been able to manage for some time. I think that the chairman’s expectations are, shall we say, unrealistically high?

But then, that’s not really the issue here is it. It doesn’t matter how well the team performs if there is conflict behind the scenes. And I can see no other conclusion in this case. After all, Rix has been picking the team. He just hasn’t been picking the team that his chariman want’s him to!


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