A Fitting Tribute…

…To Jimmy Johnstone.

Celtic 3 – 0 Dunfermline

What can one say? Good game. Flowing football. Perfect passing. And a little winger who terrorised the Dunfermline defence. Way to go Shaun Maloney – the spirit of Jinky lives on!

And what is it with Jose Mourinho? Why is it that every time his teams (and I mean teams – this does not seem to be confined to his tenure at Chelsea) get beaten that it is down to the referee colluding with the opposing team’s players, manager, or mascot? He, and every other manager, must realise that they can and will lose from time to time. No team has the right to win every game, no matter how much of a bank-roll finances them, or how many big names grace the side. The fact that a team is way out front in the league doesn’t even grant the right to win.

The only thing that grants the right to win is performance on the pitch! If your players don’t cut it on the day (and by all accounts Chelsea didn’t yesterday) have the guts to admit it and be gracious in defeat!


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