Things That (Don’t) Go Bump In The Night?

I recently had an experience that really freaked me out. The kind of thing you usually hear has happened to someone else and when you hear, you tend to think yeah, right, like that could ever happen…

It was the middle of the night, just after 3:00am and I woke up with a start. When I tried to sit up to investigate, I found that I couldn’t. In fact, I couldn’t move at all. I tried to move again, thinking I was just wrapped up in the duvet. No joy! And by now I was feeling freaked. I tried to buck and thrash and at first nothing happened. Then, really suddenly, I was moving. I would have sighed with relief at this point but an odd feeling stopped me. A feeling that really freaked me out.

I would have sworn that there was some(thing)one else in the room!

After an edgy moment the feeling passed and I was able to check the clock before rolling over and eventually drifting off to sleep again.


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