Thank You, Mr. Peart!

I am a long time fan of the band Rush – there’s a link on the left side of this page to follow – and have recently read a couple of books written by Neil Peart. He’s the drummer and lyricist in said band, and is widely considered to be one of rock’s finest. I know a couple of drummers and have played guitar along with them. I have suggested covering tracks like “Limelight” but after one listen, they invariable say “No, that drum part is way to scary”, or words to that effect.Anyway, as I said, I’ve read a couple of his books – “Ghost Rider” and “Traveling Music”. I enjoyed these thoroughly and found the former particularly moving. So, first, thanks for penning such wonderful prose.

Next, whilst reading I found that whilst I have some musical tastes in common with Mr. Peart, there are many differences. My tastes, though broad, are nowhere near as wide-ranging. There were a couple of artists that he seemed particulary enthusiastic about, so much so that my curiosity was piqued. As a result, I got hold of “Phantom Power” by The Tragically Hip and “Go!” by Vertical Horizon. I was well blown away by both of these albums and am now hell bent on aquiring some more of their stuff. You should too!

So, thank you, Mr. Peart!


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