"Down" In East End Park

BBC SPORT | Football | Scottish Premier | Dunfermline 1-8 Celtic

East End Park will not be the place to be this evening after Celtic notched up the biggest result in the SPL’s history by putting 8 goals past Dunfermline.

When I started listening to this game on the radio this afternoon, it was 1-1 and sounded like there was a good game in prospect. In the end, it was a good game, it’s just that it turned out to be a lot more one-sided than I expected.

I hope that the CIS Cup Final between these two sides is not so easily won. I mean, I obviously want Celtic to win this cup, but I’d rather see them have to fight for it. Though that said, I won’t complain if the final becomes another walk in the park!?!


2 thoughts on “"Down" In East End Park

  1. Please could you tell Iain of the Posted Notes blog, if he’s got my email address, could he send me an email? I have the same old one. The one I have for him is out of date. Sorry… I couldn’t see a way to speak to him on his blog. Two clues to my identity: old university acquaintance; giggled during English lectures; hung out with Melanie and Steve. Sorry – I know this is weird. It’s just that I receive Christmas cards (thanks) but can’t send one back :-).

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