Romanov set to meet angry players

Owner Vladimir Romanov is willing to meet Hearts players who are concerned he is meddling in team affairs.

[Via BBC Sport | Football | Scottish Premier | UK Edition]

What on Earth, or should it be Planet X, is going on at Hearts? They are sitting second in the SPL and are now favourites to win the Scottish Cup yet it seems all is not well at Tynecastle. For the second time this football season there are rumblings of discontent and signs that their head coach is not being allowed to run the playing side as he sees fit. I reckon Graham Rix will soon walk out. Andy Webster, one of their key players, is now refusing to even discuss a renewal of his contract. Their spokesman will not answer a direct question about who is picking the team. This is not how league and cup winning football teams are run!

Vladimir Romanov may have injected the Jam Tarts with a fair dose of cash and brought in some decent-ish players but he is a banker – though some are by now applying an alternative rhyming epithet. He is not a football manager (I’m pretty sure he hasn’t got the necessary badges) and it shows. If, as has been suggested, he picked the side that played against Dundee United last night his lack of ability as a manager is clear for all to see. In previous weeks, when all has been stable under Mr. Rix, Hearts have been winning games and banging in goals left, right and center. Come the closure of the transfer window and the injection of a further 11 players (who needs that many, really?) and apparent wholesale tinkering (6 changes since they last played!), and Hearts barely scrape a draw with both sides reduced to 10 men.

As a long-time Celtic supporter it’s healthy for the Scottish game to see some real competition this season. Hearts are in a postion where they could split the Old Firm. Hibs could still make that split even wider. But if Valdimir Romanov doesn’t watch out, his team will implode and could fall from their present height very quickly. Over the space of the next 5 games, even at a stretch, they could drop below Rangers and Hibs and find the mid-table pack snapping at their heels.

Mr. Romanov, in the unlikely event you’re reading this, get your act together and leave the team selection to someone who knows what they’re doing. No matter what you have spent, you can’t treat a football team like a toy and shake it up on a whim. If you do, you may find yourself experiencing the dangling sensation experienced by so many in the Heart of Midlothian a few centuries or so ago.


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