They’re Still Just Cartoons

Well, you know those cartoons that have caused such uproar and outrage? I have now seen them and I have to say I don’t see them as being particularly offensive. A couple were humourous, some were a wee bit silly, but on the whole I certainly don’t think they are something to get worked up about. They are certainly no more of an insult than “The Life Of Brian” was to Judeo-Christians.

Whatever they may be, they are nowhere near as offensive as some of the placards being brandished in front of various embassies and other public places in recent days. Let me see, I have seen placards reading:

  • “Behead those who insult Islam”
  • “Execute those who insult islam”
  • “Whoever insults a prophet kill him”
  • “Europe your 9/11 will come”
  • “Democracy go to hell”

Not exactly the sort of thing that is going to make someone listen to your point of view, is it?

Certainly not as far as I am concerned. Seeing this kind of thing is slowly but surely eroding the sympathy that I have for Muslims in general. I know the idiots with the banners are supposed to be in the minority but I still don’t hear the majority stepping up to condem them. If they don’t then democracy will indeed “go to hell”, at which point we’re all screwed!


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