On The Plot To Kidnap Leo Blair…

I’ve been listening with some alarm to the stuff in the news about an alleged plot to kidnap Tony Blair’s youngest son as a means of raising awareness of father’s rights following the breakdown of their marriage/relationship/whatever. Apparently, the plan was hatched by people either within the Fathers 4 Justice group, or on its fringes so I’m glad to hear that Fathers 4 Justice have distanced themselves from these people.However, whilst I can understand a father’s desire to remain in contact with their children (I’m a father and would hate to be separated from my kids), I can’t understand how such a plan could be of benefit. Anyone who kidnaps someone else’s child – even as a stunt – is clearly several flying buttresses short of a cathedral and so unworthy of any trust or familial responsibility. The only awareness that such a caper would raise is that the people responsible should be denied any form of access to their children solely on the grounds that they are totally stupid. If there’s any truth in this, the plotters should be locked up. For a long time. With no electicity. And one of those tasteful canvas numbers with the stitched together sleeves to keep them warm!!!

Here’s the BBC News article on the subject.


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