Performancing For Firefox!!!

Well, I’ve been looking for something that will improve my ability to post to this blog whilst looking at interesting pages, i.e. pages which have something I want to draw attention to or remember.I have tried out the Blogger for Word add-on and found it to be quite a useful tool. But it works best for those posts that I prepare off-line – usually the ones in which I write about something I have remembered from school days, or some other humourous event. I also use ye olde BlogThis! link on this page quite a bit and find it pretty effective (especiallly now that it has been upgraded to include a Rich Text option – nice one Blogger!). However, I was looking for just a little bit more.

And, a bit of searching this evening led me to Performancing for Firefox on the rather interesting site. I downloaded the Performancing extension, restarted Firefox and am already using said extension as I type this article. It was a doddle to set up a connection to my Blogger account using the Launch Account Wizard and it is proving just as easy to use. You can choose to compose your entries in a rich text style window or in raw HTML just by clicking a tab and you can see what it will look like using the Live Preview tab. An especially nice touch is being able to drag links, text and images from your browser window directly into the Performancing for Firefox (or PFF) pane. That’s how I copied the following image…

Oh, and you can resize the image just by clicking it and using the usual outline dragging points, just as if you were working with an image you’ve copied into Word (or OpenOffice.Org, as I now prefer to do).

In addition to all this nifty editing ability, you also get a side panel which lists your blogs, posting histories and provides notes that you can re-use, including a couple of examples.

All in all, this is an excellent tool which I can see myself using a lot and which I can happily recommend to you.



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