The Faint, Faint Light Of Hope?

Okay, Rangers have done it. They’re the first Scottish team to qualilfy from the group stages of the Champions League. And congratulations to them for doing so.

However, let’s temper that achievement with some realism. They have quallified in second place as the best of a very bad bunch. Neither Porto or Artmedia have shown themselves as good sides and it is only because they have been so poor that Rangers have gotten through. If there had been another team of the calibre of Inter in that group, Rangers would not have made the cut.

Also, they have fallen 17 points off the pace in the SPL and are placed fifth. For last years champions, that is appalling. And, as if that weren’t bad enough, they have now gone 10 games without a win.

Alex McLeish will no doubt suffer the consequences of this, despite it being the players who have performed so far below par. Though he must share some blame as he signed most of them. I suspect he will be out of a job within the week. But, it is not a new manager that Rangers need. What they need is a miracle. Unless they can dramatically improve their form, they will not survive the next round of the Champions League. Nor will they drag themselves back up the SPL table though even if the could, it looks increasingly likely that neither Celtic nor Hearts are going to lose the momentum they have established. And, Rangers have already been knocked out of one domestic cup.

So, they may have made history but sadly that’s a faint light in the darkness they find themselves stumbling through.

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