Pension Reform? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

I’m not sure I like the sound of the possible changes to pensions and retirement age here in the UK. I agree that we should be encouraged to save more towards retirement and I believe that people should be allowed to carry on working for longer if they wish to and are fit to do their job. So, in that respect it sounds like a good thing.

However, what concerns me is all the people in the UK who don’t work. Okay, some of these are legitimately disabled or otherwise not fit to work. But most, and I do mean most, of those that don’t work are just spongers who are freeloading on a system that is currently way too soft. What is going to happen to the pensions for these people?

Knowing this country, they will continue to allow these people not to work and then when they retire, they’ll be gifted a pension in line with those worked and saved for by everyone else. Which means, they will get a pension out of the taxes paid by those of us that go out and work for a living!!!

This happens already. And anyone who doesn’t believe me is an arse! My father-in-law has worked all his life and is now retired. He gets the basic state pension. Another man, of similar age, from the same place, has never worked – despite being able to – and has been on benefits all his life. This second man gets a better pension and benefits in his retirement than my father-in-law. Is there anyone out there who thinks this is fair?

If they are going to reform this country’s pensions and retirment legislation then it is essential that they bring in something along the lines of this: “If you could have worked and didn’t then you don’t get a pension.” Because I am not gong to spend the next 30 years working my ass off and saving for a pension if the lazy git down the street is going to be given a pension for nothing.


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