Well Done? They Should Be Roasted!

Well, well, well. I don’t believe it. The British media have once again shown themselves to be a collective waste of space! A month or so ago, they were telling us we would all die from bird flu and that everyone should get a flu jab this year to help ward the virus away.

Now that everyone who doesn’t need a flu jab has gone and gotten one (privately and no doubt in a state of selfish panic) it seems there is a shortage of the flu vaccination. So what does the media do? Points the finger at everyone else. The Government. The NHS. The GPs. The people who have gotten a vaccination when they don’t need one. Yet, who is really to blame? And who will suffer?

This years flu jab isn’t even able to prevent bird flu though it should minimise its impact – amongst those who are at risk: the elderly and infirm, and those with long term health problems such as lung disease, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, etc. So, I for one would like to offer a hearty “Well done!” to the people who have ensured that the at risk will remain at risk for the sake of another negative headline!!!


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