Off With His Head!!!

I was reminded of a funny incident from Primary school the other night.

One of the boys on my year suffered from baldness and as a result wore a wig. Of course, not everyone knew this….

Anyway, one break a crowd of us were playing chase and having a hell of a laugh doing so – you know how kids are, making fun of one another, giving the odd head slap, that sort of thing. It was all going well until the kid with the wig made a remark that did not go down too well with his target. The other kid took offence, lost his temper and set off with intent to clobber the wig-wearer.

They ran all over the playground for a minute or so until they started to tire. The one with the wig slowed down and the other kid tried to grab him by the hair. You can see what’s coming, can’t you?

Yep, you guessed it, the wig came off! And, the kid who grabbed it, didn’t know that it was a wig!!

After a moments stunned silence, he dropped the wig and ran away crying:

“No, no, no! I pulled his head off. I pulled his head off!”


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