Stay Of Ecks-ecution

I’m sure dreadful puns like this have already run in today’s tabloid press. However, I couldn’t resist.

I’m glad to see that Alex McLeish has been given a few weeks to turn things round for Rangers. After all, it is not his fault that they are in such a sorry state at present. He is responsible for picking the team and the players to add or subtract from that team when the transfer windows are open. But, and its a huge BUT, it does not matter what the manager does if those players do not do their job on the park.

That’s the real problem at Ibrox just now. The team. There’s only one person on that side who is consistently working a full shift and that’s Dado Prso. However, good as he may be (and he’s no Jimmy Quinn, nor is he Jinky, and he certainly isn’t either Lubo or Henrik) he can’t carry the whole team. If the rest of the crew don’t start pulling their weight, they’ll be to blame when Alex McLeish is shown the door.

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