Monday Morning Snews


Why does losing the 90-day vote mean Tony Blair is on his way out? After all, it is his first defeat in what, 8 or 9 years in office? I may not be Blair’s biggest fan but that isn’t bad going really, is it? After all, no one is talking about sacking Jose Mourinho after Chelsea lost to Manchester United the other week…


They’re at it again! England sneak a victory against Argentina at the weekend and what is the first piece of sporting news I hear today? That England are going to win the World Cup next year!?!? Mmm, I think not. Unless, of course, the other qualifying teams fail to show up.


Irony of ironies, Microsoft have branded Sony’s XCP protection software as malicious spyware. From what I’ve read, they’re right to do this but it does seem a tad ironic after MS themselves were accused of gathering personal information from PCs on which Windows was installed a year or two ago.


Why is it that this morning, the nation is being told that over the next few months it will be cold and that we should wrap up warm. It’s the middle of November!!! The start of Winter. You know that time of year when it gets frosty at night. And it snows from time to time. Anyone who hasn’t realised by now that this is the time of year to wrap up warmly should be removed from the gene pool.


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