Bad News Bears?

As a Celtic fan, I watched last night’s game between Artmedia Bratislava and Rangers in the expectation that Rangers would get beaten. Though, I’m ashamed to admit, I did hope they might get a better result – if only to keep Scotland’s position up with respect to the number of clubs we get into European competitions.

When Rangers went a goal ahead inside three minutes, I thought they might do just that. Then, of course, Artmedia pulled one back from a scramble which showed that the Rangers defence is still about as watertight as a rusty colander. For the next while, Rangers looked very ineffective despite the fact that Dado Prso seemed to be in eleven places at once (just as well because his team-mates were largely absent). Then, with typical good luck, they went a goal ahead again thanks to the aforementioned Prso’s hard work and his well executed cross onto the head of Steven Thomson.

So, at Artmedia 1, Rangers 2, it was the Slovakians turn to look less than clever. Or so I thought until Ronald Waterreus suffered what can only be termed a complete and utter mental spasm! He came charging out of his area and collided with his team-mate, Hemdani – who is not the class act a certain manager would have us believe, gifting the ball and a wide open net to Kozak. The Artmedia player wasted no time in driving said leather bladder into the back of the unguarded net.

By the end of the game I was shaking my head in disbelief whilst quietly smirking knowing that this shambolic Rangers side has two back-to-back games against Celtic in just over a weeks time (League Cup and then League).

Now, the baying for Alex McLeish’s head is growing louder. I don’t think it’s quite time for him to go yet. However, if he keeps faith with Ronald Waterreus this weekend and leaves Stefan Klos out of the side again, he should be not only sacked but shot. Waterreus is a very good shot stopper, as is Klos. But Klos is much better at organising and haranguing his defenders into keeping their shape and doing their job well. And, my God, if ever a defensive four needed to be harangued (or should that be hanged?) it’s this one!


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