The Twists Keep Coming

What on Earth is going on at Tynecastle? After a series of events that can only be described as Stalinesque, I wonder what will happen next?!?

The club has lost both its Chief Executive and Chairman in less than a day – and only a couple of days after losing their place at the top of the SPL. Whatever Vladimir Romanov has brought to the club, it doesn’t seem as if he has brought reason. George Burley is an excellent manager and has done very well with the team. Phil Anderton seems to have been doing a pretty good job too and George Foulkes has been a fairly good chairman though now, as he told BBC Radio Five Live, “I brought him in and very much regret that now”. Click here for more on that.

I for one cannot see anyone wishing to fill these three posts given the circumstances in which they were emptied. There must be a few managers who are suddenly finding other ways of occupying their time this morning.

And all this cannot be good for the players. So much turmoil in the boardroom is bound to filter through to them and I hate to think what may start happening on the pitch. If Dundee United can replicate the determination they displayed against Celtic at the weekend, Hearts may find themselves losing two games in a row. If that happens, I suspect they will disintegrate in the league and plummet into the middle of the table.

If that happens, I see the season ending with Celtic top, Hibs in second and Rangers resigned to third place – yes, I think Hibs are good enough this season to split the Old Firm. Unless the Ibrox mob can get their act together. Tonight’s Champions League game between Rangers and Artmedia Bratislava looks more and more interesting!!!


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